Our story

Who is SOHOMD?

Founded in 2011, Dr. Jacques Jospitre and Dr. Edward Ratush started SohoMD with the belief that the body and mind possess critical capacities for healing. SohoMD is a group psychiatric practice with an emphasis on treating the whole person.

Our Vision & Mission

SohoMD practices integrated mental health, performing comprehensive biological psychiatry with a focus on the whole person. Our goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves. That’s psychiatry done right. Our supplements are uniquely designed to promote mental well-being — because mental health is total health.

The Founders

We believe that the body and mind possess critical capacities for healing.
Our job as clinicians is to facilitate that process.

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Jacques Jospitre, MD

Dr. Jacques Jospitre, is one of the Founders of SohoMD and a Board-Certified Psychiatrist specializing in addressing chronic depression, anxiety, pain, and addiction, with additional training in buprenorphine detoxification. As a visionary leader, he combines his background in business and technology to deliver innovative approaches that engage patients and promote lasting improvement in all areas of their lives. Through the establishment of SohoMD in 2011, Dr. Jospitre strives to provide cost-effective, high-quality mental health care, expanding access to support individuals on their journey to well-being.

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Edward Ratush, MD

Dr. Edward Ratush is a Co-Founder of SohoMD and a Board-Certified Psychiatrist specializing in addiction treatment. He offers treatment for substance abuse disorder, anxiety, treatment-resistant anxiety, and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. With a holistic perspective he emphasizes the importance of nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques as foundational components of healing. Driven by a commitment to finding unique solutions, he co-founded SohoMD in 2011 to help individuals from all backgrounds lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Take wellness into your own hands

By combining the highest quality ingredients with our team's expertise in mental health and wellness, we've created a multivitamin that not only supports your physical health but also your mood and overall well-being.

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